• 5 Fidget Spinner Experiments You Won’t Believe Worked!

    Fidget SpinnersFidget spinners have instant appeal for kids and adults of all ages. Just pick one up, give it a spin, and you’re hooked!

    They’re so simple, yet so addicting. Fidgeters are quickly finding new ways to spin, stack, do tricks and collect these great new toys.

    You wouldn’t know by looking at them, but fidget spinners are also a STEM toy. People are using fidget spinners to tinker, invent and engineer new ways to play. Kids are learning physics concepts like friction, torque, and balance while using this battery- and screen-free toy!

    Check out these 5 awesome fidget spinner experiments:

    1. Ice Fidget Spinner.

    Slater Brown disassembles a fidget spinner and, using the center bearings, makes his own ice spinner. It takes a few tries to make a mold, but he gets an ice spinner spinning! That’s one cool experiment!

    2. Underwater Fidget Spinner.

    AlexGoPow puts his fidget spinner underwater for some interesting visual effects. Spinning it underwater doesn’t do much, but letting the moving spinner hit the water looks neat on camera. Hope it doesn’t rust!

    3. Fidget Spinner On Fire.

    IncredibleScience puts hand sanitizer on his fidget spinner and lights it on fire for a spinning light show. This entire video is full of impressive tricks and experiments, but the fire is at 5:00. This experiment is hot! (Note: This is dangerous and should be done with adult supervision only.)

    4. Chocolate Fidget Spinner.

    Skazzer melts up some chocolate Mini Eggs to make a delicious-looking fidget spinner that really works. Similar to the ice spinner, but this one’s edible. Sweet!

    5. Popsicle Sticks Fidget Spinner.

    Brains techKnowlogy makes DIY fidget spinners using popsicle sticks, a skateboard bearing, glue and some excellent geometry! Impressive hands-on math application.

    We love that fidget spinners are inspiring creativity, problem-solving and scientific exploration. Have fun, be safe and keep spinning!


  • PopSockets: Your Phone Can Handle This!

    Two girls using PopSockets on phoneI use my phone a LOT. I’m a new mom, so you bet I’m browsing Facebook during all those feeding sessions—and, of course, taking pictures of the baby every hour. After the first few weeks of motherhood, my hand was cramping up bigtime.

    Then I got a PopSocket for my phone. I’ve had it for about four days, and I don’t know how I survived without one!

    PopSockets are clever stick-on devices that make using your smartphone much more comfortable and practical to use. They function as a grip, a stand, a cord wrap, and more!

    When closed, PopSockets personalize your phone. They look like a decorative, half-dollar-sized circle on the back of your smartphone. They come in trendy designs for every taste—from wood grain to the American flag to donuts. Mine has a beautiful mandala-style elephant.

    When you pop open the PopSocket by pulling it straight outward from your phone, you can prop up your phone to watch a video, hold the phone between two fingers comfortably for texting or selfies, or wrap your headphones around it.

    Two teenage girls taking selfie using iPhone equipped with PopSocket

    It’s also a great fidget item – the PopSocket makes a satisfying “pop” as you snap it closed! Don’t worry about overdoing it – PopSockets are designed to expand and collapse 12,000 times. Three styles of PopSockets, one on an iPhone

    PopSockets stick to your phone with a sticky gel. The PopSocket can be removed and repositioned many times. If the adhesive gets dirty, you can rinse it with water and let it dry to stick it again—just don’t expose the gel to the air for more than 15 minutes, or it will dry out.

    Unfortunately, they don’t stick well to silicone phone cases or waterproof coatings. However, mine stuck just fine to my hard plastic, textured case.Android phone with elephant PopSocket

    PopSockets are also great for tablets, e-readers, the Nintendo 3DS, on your mirror to hang jewelry, and more.

    Paired with the optional PopClip mount, you can even attach your phone to your car's dashboard for music, speakerphone and GPS!

    Those Pringles commercials had it right: “Once you pop, you can’t stop!”


  • These Bath Fizzers with a Surprise Inside are Da Bomb!

    Inviting bathtub with rose petals and rubber duck and three Da Bomb bath bombs

    Taking a bath has long been my favorite way to relax. Now that I’m a new mom, I appreciate it even more when I can snag 30 minutes in the tub.

    I try to make it count by lighting scented candles, putting on some good music, and turning out the lights.

    But now there’s a new way to really deck out a bath – Da Bomb bath fizzers!

    Da Bomb bath bombs turn your tub into a fizzy, scented, colorful oasis.

    When the fizzing’s over, the fun isn’t – there’s a surprise inside each bath bomb!

    I was lucky enough to test an Earth Bomb, which has a “sea breeze” scent. As I watched it fizz, it turned my bath (but not my skin or tub!) a beautiful shade of blue.

    The bath bomb bubbled away for about two minutes as I waited for my prize to emerge. Ta-da: A plastic shark was inside!

    Da Bomb Bath Bomb Prize

    The soothing oils in the bath fizzer made my skin feel great and the bath even more luxurious. I’ll definitely need more of these!

    As a bonus, part of the proceeds of the Earth Bomb go toward saving the world’s oceans – a cause near and dear to my heart as an aquarium lover.

    Da Bomb bath bombs were created by two sisters, Isabel and Caroline, at the ages of 10 and 11. They are hand-made in the USA with only a few simple ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, food grade PEG, fragrance and pigments. They may look tasty (especially the ones with sprinkles) but they are not edible!da bomb bath fizzers

    The prizes inside are small, so these bath bombs are not for young children. They range from sea creatures to pirate booty to famous quotes, depending on the style. Da Bomb bath bombs make perfect gifts for kids and adults, and they’re great in Easter baskets!

    They definitely are Da Bomb. (Do kids even say that anymore?)

    Relax and enjoy!


  • Let Her Express Herself with Logo Loops Headbands [Top Toy Review]

    Let Her Express Herself with Logo Loops HeadbandsFor my sixth grade school picture, I wore a very bright, colorful tie-dyed shirt. My parents let me wear whatever I wanted, and for some reason I went with that.

    Looking back, it’s a bit embarrassing, but at the time I felt confident. I liked the shirt, it’s what I chose, and no one could tell me differently. I wanted to be unique.

    So what makes a young girl confident?

    Is it excelling in sports, acing a test, or having a best friend?

    A confident girl may do any or all of these things, but according to Jane Katch, Ed.D., author of They Don’t Like Me, confidence comes from making her own decisions.

    “Whenever possible, let her make constructive choices about her life. Let her choose her own clothes, within appropriate limits. Give her a voice in what after-school activities she participates in and how many she wants to do (as long as it works for the rest of the family, too). Remember that knowing what she cares about most will come from trying some things and finding she doesn’t like them, as well as from finding things she loves to do.” Jane Katch, Ed.D., Raising a Powerful Girl, PBS Parents.

    Logo Loops Girls Headbands

    Why She'll Love Logo Loops

    Logo Loops headbands are an easy, fashionable way for girls to make choices and express their personal tastes. The cotton/lycra headbands come in dozens of embroidered designs, from emojis to sports to holiday themes, so your girl is sure to find one that suits her style.

    Beyond fashion, Logo Loops are functional – the no-slip, absorbent and washable headbands are perfect for sports, camp or anytime she needs to keep her hair out of the way. She can build a campfire, score a goal or hike a mountain with comfort and confidence.Logo Loops Headbands Summer

    Each stretchy headband measures 2.25” or 1.5” wide by 9” around. They’re most popular with tweens, but girls ages 4 and up – and even adults! – enjoy them.

    New designs are introduced frequently, so your daughter can change her style as often as she changes her mind. Maybe today it’s a poop emoji, but tomorrow it’s an “LOL kinda day” or a cheerleading logo.Logo Loops Headbands for Girls

    I guarantee they’re a lot cuter than my tie-dyed T-shirt.

    Logo Loops are among our Summer Top Toys – so get in the loop!


  • Play Ball, Don’t Just Watch It [Top Toy Review]

    Play Pall - Don't Just Watch It! Tangle Nightball and Moon BallThe air is getting warmer. My allergies are in full swing. Summer is coming.

    Once school’s out, on those summer days when you don’t have activities or camp planned, you might hear the inevitable moan, “I’m boooooored!”

    Instead of giving in to watching TV or playing a video game, be prepared! Get kids playing outdoors by having some novel tricks—that is, toys—up your sleeve. These twists on the regular soccer ball, football, flying disk and bouncy ball are sure to get kids interested and making up their own games.

    Tangle Nightball and Nightdisk

    The Tangle Nightball Soccer Ball, Tangle Nightball Football and the Tangle Nightdisk are unique light-up toys to kick, throw and catch. Kids will be fascinated to see how much light they can get out of a single pass. The more they spin, the brighter they get! They’re perfect for nighttime play, so you can have a game of catch after roasting marshmallows on a summer night.

    The Tangle balls and disk have a soft-grip, rubbery texture, so they’re perfect for practicing throwing and catching skills. They’re also safe for water play, so bring them to the beach. These are all Summer Top Toys!

    Waboba Moon Ball

    No playmate? No problem! Kids can play catch solo or with a friend with the Waboba Moon Ball, another Summer Top Toy. This lightweight, high-bouncing ball is perfect for bouncing on a street, sidewalk or parking lot. The ball’s moon-like craters give it a great grip and make a satisfying popping sound as the ball hits the ground. How high can your kid bounce it– and still manage to catch it?

    Still need ideas? Here are 31 ways to play with a ball, including backyard bowling, making a catapult, and wall ball!

    Get your kids outside and away from the screen with these active toys. Let’s play ball!