Product Image Usborne Awesome Doodle Pad

Usborne Awesome Doodle Pad

The Awesome Doodle Pad encourages children to harness their creativity. With a wide variety of activities, children can doodle, draw, and color to their hearts content on the craft quality paper. Ages 6 +.

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Additional Information

The Awesome Doodle Pad contains an array of pages to color, drawings to complete, and doodles that grow and grow. The pages are designed to stimulate children's imaginations. Craft quality paper lets kids save and share their favorite creations. Ages 6 +.


Craft quality paper
Drawings and activities for creative inspiration
Full of engaging possibilities for solo play

Skill Building

Partially complete doodle starters and scenes are designed to inspire creativity and artistic expression. These helpful elements provide children with a stepping stone that boosts their self-esteem and allows them to approach the creative process with confidence. As children color and doodle, they use fine motor skills and practice their pincer grasp.

Package Contents:  

204 pages on craft quality paper. Drawing tools sold separately.

Recommended Age:  

6 to 9


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