Product Image Usborne's First Sticker Book - Zoo

Usborne's First Sticker Book - Zoo

In the First Sticker Book - Zoo, kids get creative decorating zoo-themed pages with 100 stickers. Little ones can decorate the aquarium, the lion's cage and even the reptile house in this fun book. Paperback, 16 pages, + 8 sticker pages. Ages 3 +.

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Additional Information

With the First Sticker Book - Zoo, kids can have elephants, tigers, reptiles and fish right in their playroom! Don't worry Mom and Dad, these lovable animals are in 2D! Kids will use their imaginations to complete the open-ended zoo scenes with over 100 colorful stickers. Little zookeepers can customize the aquarium, the reptile house and even the lion's cage by simply peeling and sticking. Paperback,16 pages, 8 additional sticker pages. Ages 3 +.


There are over 100 colorful stickers!
Great rainy day activity
Perfect for animal lovers

Skill Building

As they pinch and grip the stickers, peel them from the sheets, and apply them to the pages, children will perfect their fine motor skills. They will develop visual and spatial perception skills as they compare the shapes, deciding which shapes will fit.

Package Contents:  

Paperback 16 pages and over 100 stickers included

Recommended Age:  

4 Years to 6 Years


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