Product Image Usborne Step-By-Step: Drawing Animals

Usborne Step-By-Step: Drawing Animals

The easy instructions in this colorful art book will help any child learn how to draw fun, cute animals on their own using basic shapes. Ages 4+.

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Additional Information

Usborne Step-By-Step: Drawing Animals uses simple instructions to help teach children how to draw their favorite animals. With its mixture of guided lessons and freeform drawing pages, children will use this fun, educational book to express their creativity while learning. Ages 4 +.


96 page book with step by step drawing instructions

Skill Building

Instructional guides and scenes are designed to inspire creativity and artistic expression while teaching basic art skills. As children color and doodle, they use fine motor skills and practice their pincer grasp.

Package Contents:  

96 pages paperback

Recommended Age:  

4 Years to 6 Years


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