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Watermelon Smash Game

Press your luck with Watermelon Smash! Take turns passing this water-filled watermelong back and forth, waiting for it to open up when pressed. Don't be the one to get wet! Ages 4+

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Additional Information

This twist on the water roulette game challenges players to press the watermelon against their head as many times as indicated on the spinner. A suspenseful game - you never know when the watermelon will fully crack open! 2+ players. Ages 4+


Fill the watermelon with water or play it dry with the included confetti pack instead

Skill Building

Children will practice gross motor skills as they pass the watermelon back and forth, building social skills as they play with friends and family.

Package Contents:  

Watermelon Smash Game with spinner and confetti pack

Recommended Age:  

4 Years to 6 Years


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