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Whirly Squigz

These soft, safe spinners are perfect for teething and developing fine motor skills. Ages 6 months+

Additional Information

Whirly Squigz are 100% silicone spinners suction to any flat surface, like a bathtub wall or tabletop. Safe for teething, these spinners encourage sensory exploration and fine motor skills as children send them whirling around! Includes 3 spinners. Ages 6 months+


Includes 3 styles
Suction cups to attach to tables, bathtub, and more
Great for teething and fine motor skills

Skill Building

Children will practice fine motor skills are they spin and manipulate these spinners. The soft silicone is perfect for teething and the spinning motion provides sensory input.

Package Contents:  

3 Whirly Squigz

Recommended Age:  

1 Years to 2 Years


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