Product Image Wooden Doorbell House

Wooden Doorbell House


Recommended Age :

3 Years to 5 Years

Skill Building :

Additional Information

This is one unique dollhouse! Four locking doors feature four different doorbell noises. Each lock even has its own key. Little ones will love trying all the keys out while practicing their motor skills. As they unlock the doors, children will discover the classic posable dolls that inhabit the house. Ages 3 +.


Improves fine-motor skills
Multi-sensory experience for kids
4 posable dolls

Skill Building

The Doorbell House features locking doors and keys that encourage children to use their fine motor skills and their pincer grasp. Their cognitive skills will improve as they learn to match each key to the appropriate lock. Four electronic doorbell noises provide auditory feedback that helps children to develop sensory processing skills as they interpret the sounds. The posable dolls allow children to role play and use their creativity as they play.

Package Contents:  

Doorbell House, 4 dolls, and 4 keys


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By Charlotte Billeck on 4/28/2020

it was a gift and they love it

By Charlotte Billeck on 4/27/2020

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