SmartMax Start XL 42 Piece Set

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Young children can safely explore the magic of magnetism with this SmartMax XL starter set! Ages 12 months+
The SmartMax Start XL set includes 42 magnetic pieces to build colorful, delightful structures. Take them apart, mix and match, and combine with any other SmartMax magnetic set! Ages 12 months+

SmartMax: STEM-Building Fun

Welcome to SmartMax Magnetic Discovery! We offer a full line of magnetic construction sets, all compatible with each other. Our products are developed with both safety and quality in mind: SmartMax pieces can hold up to 60x their own weight! SmartMax offers magnetic construction sets in the following categories:'Start" sets are the perfect intriduction to SmartMax, featuring colorful bars and large metal balls that lead to incredible creations. Our Start sets are designed to be safe from ages 1+, while older kids enjoy creating increasingly complex structures with added play value. Vehicle sets add some dynamic play to Smartmax builds and focus on other STEM skills. Some vehicles are avilable individually, while other sets come with enough pieces to build and play with multiple vehicles.Ball Runs allow kids to test their builds, as they drop balls through tubes that run through SmartMax bars and balls.And our My First line is perfect for ages 1-3, who can easily build and play with friendly animals and trains.
SmartMax Start XL: Safe magnetic discovery, even for little hands

Have fun building incredible structures with SmartMax! SmartMax allows children to explore magnetism safely. The oversized pieces are specifically designed for handling by young kids as they learn about the effects of magnetic attraction and repulsion, while older children will have fun using the pieces to construct towers, bridges and other creations. The magnets are strong enough to carry up to 60 times their weight!The Start XL set includes 18 short magnetic bars, 12 long magnetic bars, 12 magnetic balls and a guide to build models. Extension sets are available separately.SmartMax bars that contain magnets are sonically welded for extra safety, and SmartMax balls are too large to be swallowed. 

A fun way to develop STEM skills

SmartMax is an outstanding STEM toy. Not only do kids expereince basic math and engineering, but activities such as building ramps for moving vehicles and creating ball run sets add more advanced STEM skills.  All while being completely engaged in a fun activity!SmartMax bars that contain magnets are sonically welded for extra safety, and SmartMax balls are too large to be swallowed.  

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