Studio Creator Video Maker
Kit Version 2

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• Create amazing videos like your favorite influencers with the Studio Creator 2 Video Maker Kit! Use the LED multicolored ring light, adjustable tripod, and green screen to create 100% original content that will be #fyp worthy! 
• Share your content on your favorite apps like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram to be the next big influencer! Great for unboxing reviews, tutorials, live streaming, photo booths, and more!
• Ages 8 years and up.
The completely adjustable tripod and smartphone mount will help you record hands-free from any POV and ensure you can easily participate in trends and challenges.

Easily adjust the smartphone mount to capture your best angles and choose between three LED white light modes plus 8 more LED color modes to help you get professional lighting at home.

Your selfies and videos will look better than ever, no filter needed!

Use the included controller to easily switch between color modes and create the perfect lighting and vibe for your videos.

Record yourself in front of the green screen and then use your favorite editing app to create custom backgrounds.

Ages 8 years and up.

Includes 8-inch LED ring light, 70 Inches x 59 Inches green screen, extendable tripod up to 31.5-inch, smartphone holder, USB power cord with a controller, guide.
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