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Blue Ybike Pewi Elite


Recommended Age :

1 Year to 2 Years

Skill Building :

Additional Information

With Y Bike PEWI as their guide, kids will embrace gross-motor skills, balance and body awareness with sleekness, style and enthusiasm! This unique ride-on "walking buddy" gives toddlers complete freedom of movement to stand, sit and even topple as they learn the balance and steadiness they'll need to walk and run in no time. Measures 22" x 18" x 18". Ages 9 months +.


New, improved Elite model
Intuitively helps toddlers improve balance and gross-motor skill
Sleek, castor wheels are quiet
Durable design to holds up to plenty of heavy play

Skill Building

The Y Bike is designed to support children and help them with balance and steadiness whether they are using it while walking or using it as a ride-on toy. As kids maneuver the Y Bike, they will work on their core strength and the coordination of their arms and legs, therefore improving their gross motor skills. Children can play outside with their peers which helps develop social skills and self-esteem.

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Y Bike PEWI Elite Blue


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