Douglas Freddie Soft Fox Stuffed Animal

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  • Our Softie Fox stuffed animal captures the attractive colors and silky softness of a Red Foxs coat!
  • Warm orange tones are accented with handsome, black stockings, while splashes of white brighten Freddies face, chest, and tail tip.
  • Springy polyester fill rounds out his form.
  • A floppy body style and weighted paws combine for an indulgently cuddly feel that will have animal lovers clamoring for more.
  • Pointed ears and a slender, snout create a triangular shaped face thats both lifelike and engaging.
  • Freddies lively, amber colored eyes glow with the same vibrancy as a crisp, autumn day.
  • Snuggle up with this sweet plush Fox kit and dream of all the wonders out in the wild woods!
  • Dimensions: 8 7 9 in
  • Machine Washable
  • Ages: 2+
Douglas Freddie Soft Fox Stuffed Animal
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