Rubiks Orbit Game

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  • Each side has a solid-color ring orbiting around the center. Twist it and turn it to completely mix up the colors. Then, put your spatial reasoning skills to the test as you try to make it so each ring is a solid color again!
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, logic, problem-solving, critical thinking
  • Includes one Rubik's Orbit
  • Ages 8+; single player
The Rubik's Orbit makes a great travel toy. There is no assembly required, no clean-up involved, no loud noises, and it's compact in size, making it a simple way to keep kids occupied on long road trips or flights without disturbing fellow travelers.
Brain teasing Maze Game A nice feeling and attractive puzzle that looks modern and cool – yet instantly recognizable with the traditional colors. Twist and turn the Rubik’s Orbit puzzle to try and get the rings into a matching color.
Easy To Play, Hard To Master Don’t let the seemingly simple design of the Rubik’s Orbit puzzle toy fool you, this is one of the most complex members of the Rubik’s family. This puzzle has a bit of both the Rubik’s 360 and Rubik’s 2x2, you will have to complete the game by maneuvering the 360 rings so that each of the six sides only has one color
Up For A challenge? A challenging puzzle that requires the solver to use skill, dexterity and logic. Take your puzzle solving to a new dimension - jumble up the 360 rings and give it a go!
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