Space Capsule With Astronaut

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  • 1 space Capsule.
  • 1 Astronaut figurine.
  • Space Capsule lights up.
  • Compatible with the space station from the space adventure Series.
  • Two 1.5V AG13/LR44 batteries included.
  • Ages 3 and up.
This plastic NASA space capsule is a part of the space adventure Series and is approximately 4.25L x 4.75W. The space capsule is fully functional with lights and a door that opens to allow the Figurine to be placed inside. The space capsule is also compatible with the space station in the same space adventure Series and can be fitted atop the space station. Two 1.5V AG13/LR44 alkaline batteries are included. Recommended for children ages 3+.

Did You Know?


Space capsules allow astronauts to "park" somewhere in space.

Space capsules are small and there is not a lot of room for the astronauts to move around inside.

Space capsules have radios and computers so the astronauts can keep in touch with Earth. They also have cameras and windows so the astronauts can see outside the capsule.

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Inner Capsule

The capsule has sensors that will automatically light up once a figurine is placed inside. Note: The figure must be fully seated in order for the lights to come on.



The figurine has multiple body movements. Arms, legs and head can be re-positioned. This play set comes with 1 White Astronaut figurine that is fully compatible with others sets in this series.



Windows are transparent and allows you to view your astronaut at work inside.


Surprise Feature

The capsule has ridges that allow the capsule to be placed on top of the Space Station and can rotate 360 degrees. Note: Space Station is sold separately.



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