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Zingo! Game

Zingo is a bingo-like game made for the whole family. Match exciting picture tiles to Zingo cards and get three in a row to make Zingo. The Zingo Master dispenses tiles in a fun way. Variations for competitive or cooperative play. Ages 4 +.

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Additional Information

Only a few minutes before bed? Keep every moment full of zing with Zingo! This Bingo like game is easy to play and kids won't even realize they are learning hand-eye coordination, cooperation and short-term memory skills. Two fun Zingo tiles magically appear out of the Zingo Master with a simple push and pull. If one of the picture tiles is a match to your card, declare Zingo! The player with three in a row is the Zingo winner. Variations allow for different levels of play. Ages 4 +.


Allows for different skill levels of play
Bingo-like game
Encourages cooperative play
Quick-play game can be played anytime
Reinforces elementery word recognition
Zingo dispenser is exciting and fun for kids to use

Skill Building

As kids work cooperatively to take turns and play the Zingo Game, they will improve their social skills and develop higher self-esteem. As kids identify the words on the game tiles repeatedly, they will strengthen their language skills. Children will also work on their cognitive skills since the game challenges short-term memory.

Package Contents:  

Card dispenser, 72 picture tiles, 8 double-sided Zingo cards and instructions

Recommended Age:  

4 Years to 6 Years


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