Product Image Zipes Speed Pipes Starter Set

Zipes Speed Pipes Starter Set

Instead of driving on tracks, this RC vehicle shoots through tubes in every direction! Build your course up, down, or looping around. Strobe light flashes in several colors for illuminated nighttime fun. Ages 5+

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Additional Information

Zipes Speed Pipes is a remote control car set like no other! This vehicle defies gravity, shooting up and down the tubes in all directions. With four straight pipes, eight curved pipes, and 12 connectors, configure your course however you want. The vehicle lights up to create an exciting light show in the dark. Charging cable included. AA battery required. Ages 5 +


RC car travels in pipes instead of on tracks
Configure pipes in any direction, even up the wall
Includes strobe light

Skill Building

Controlling a remote control car helps children develop spatial awareness skills, as they direct the car right, left, or reverse to follow a course. Configuring the tubes helps children think in three dimensions.

Package Contents: 1 illuminated Zipes Speed Pipes Vehicle, 1 RC (AA batteries required), 1 Cosmic strobe ball, Charging cable, 4 straight Pipes, 8 Curved Pipes, 12 small pipe connectors

Recommended Age: 5 Years to 10 Years


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