Cocomelon Musical Doll

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• Bring CoComelon nursery rhymes to life with the Musical Bedtime JJ Doll! 
• Squeeze JJ’s tummy, and listen to his 7 sounds and phrases!
• The adorable plush even plays a clip of the popular CoComelon Nursery Rhyme - YesYes Bedtime!
• Soft plush is perfect for squeezing and cuddling!
• This perfect bedtime friend will help your little one fall fast asleep!
• JJ Bedtime plush comes with his own Teddy Pillow Plush!
• Ages 18m+
Cocomelon Musical Bedtime JJ Doll, with a Soft, Plush Tummy and Roto Head.

Press Tummy and JJ Sings Yes, Yes, Bedtime Song.

Includes 1 Small Pillow Plush Teddy Bear.

Bedtime Toys for Babies.
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