Make Your Own
Bird House Kit

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Makes Your Own Bird House

An outdoorsy MYO craft that can be enjoyed year-round

Sparks interest in bird watching and natural science
Engages creativity, fine motor skills and DIY building basics
Sturdy pine construction for long-lasting final product measuring approximately 8” wide x 7” tall
Includes 9 solid-wood pre-cut birdhouse pieces, 13 paints, wooden hanging hook, twine, 2 paintbrushes, craft glue, instructions and guidebook
Ages: 5 year and up

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Invite local birds to your yard with a bird house you make and decorate yourself!

Made of thick pine boards that slot together for easy construction, this sturdy birdhouse is designed for outdoor use.

The full-color guide includes instructions, painting tips, and advice on how to attract birds to your birdhouse as well as facts about the birds that you may see.
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