Gummy Candy Lab
Stem Experiment

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  • Make your own delicious and fun unicorn, Cloud, and rainbow-shaped gummies!
  • Concoct a spectrum of flavors and colors to personalize your creations.
  • Investigate the scientific properties of natural Polymers as you cook up these delicious treats!
  • Learn about colors and color mixing as you make a yummy gummy rainbow.
  • Some ingredients processed in facilities that also process milk, egg, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts, and soybeans.

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Unicorns, clouds, and rainbows … Oh my! Make your own delicious, fun gummy shapes using a gelatin mixture: pour it into the included mold and concoct a spectrum of flavors and colors to personalize your unicorn, cloud, and rainbow-shaped gummy creations. You can even add citric acid to make Sour gummies. Bonus: learn about the scientific properties of natural polymers as you cook up these delicious treats!

Rainbow Gummy Candy Lab

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The Gummies

After you've made your yummy gummy shapes, you can wrap them in a plastic bag and label it with fun rainbow and unicorn stickers that are included in the kit! Your scientific creation is a great sweet and sour treat for your friends and family! The kit comes with enough ingredients to make one batch of each of the following: vanilla white clouds, one- or two-color unicorns, three-color rainbows, and six-color rainbows.

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The Experiments

Aside from an experiment to guide you in making your gummy candies, additional experiments explore different chemistry concepts. Can you remove the color from your gummies? What happens when you melt one of your gummy shapes and then freeze it? The experiments in the kit explore the how's and why's in detail.

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