Dodge Tag

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  • Diggin's Dodge-Tag is a dodgeball themed tag game for boys and girls. Players throw balls and try to stick them to opponent's tag vest
  • Winner of family fun T. O. Y. Award, parent magazine Best toy Award, learning express best boys toy and fun fare best toy Award
  • Includes 2 air-mesh Dodge Vests with targets and adjustable straps. Tag Vests for kids measure 10 x 9. 3 x 1. 3 inches each
  • Soft foam dodgeball balls are easy to grab, throw, and catch. Red dodgeballs measure 2. 5 inches in diameter
  • Soft tag balls won’t break anything when playing dodgeball indoors. 
  • This 2-player outside toy is a great yard game of kids. To add players, combine multiple ball tag game sets!
  • An indoor outdoor toy for kids ages 5 and up
Dodge Tag is the ultimate 2-player DodgeBall game! Each player wears an air mesh vest and picks 3 balls. Players throw the soft, safe balls and try to stick them to their opponent’s vests. Run, dodge and throw. If the ball sticks, it’s a hit! Kids will love this fast paced, action-packed game. Includes 2 adjustable air-mesh vests and 6 soft, safe dodgeballs. Winner of the Family Fun T.O.Y. Award, Parent's Magazine Best Toy Award, Learning Express Best Boys Toy and Fun Fare Best Toy Award.
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