Tangle Light Up Nightball

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  • Don’t worry about the ball going dark on you and getting lost in the night. 
  • The NightBall is designed to illuminate both upon impacts or during movement. Each kick, punt, and roll of the ball triggers the light so you never lose track of it.
  • Package contains (1) Tangle Creations NightBall Light Up Soccer Ball (Size 5, White). 
  • LED motion activated technology. Inflated to 4 pounds. 
  • Designed with replaceable batteries. 
  • Easy access screw plug for battery replacement
  • Ages 8+
Do ever get that itch to get active, but it’s already dark out? Introducing Tangle Creations NightBall. It’s the soccer ball that you can play any time of day. It doesn’t matter how late you get home or how short the days are getting, play soccer until you’re ready for bed! If you thought your soccer tricks and juggling were impressive before, just wait until you get a ball that lights up. Do cool tricks in the dark, impress your friends. Make videos for the internet and go viral in no time with the NightBall from Tangle. The ball lights up, but the other players might not. Playing in the dark puts a new spin on your game. You can sneak up on someone and swoop in to steal the ball. They will literally never see you coming until it’s too late!

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nightball basketball lightup glow sports soccer ball LED technology


nightball white soccer lightup glow sports ball

NightBall Soccer Ball - White

Do tricks with your kicks! The NightBall Soccer Ball has changed the game forever! Patented ultra bright LED technology means practice time doesn't end just because the sun goes down. Regulation size and weight, the batteries are long-lasting and replaceable ensuring there's no stopping your match. Catch them in every color and breakaway from the competition - NightBall style!

official tangle nightball design patented led technology

Official Tangle NightBall Design

Each NightBall product is uniquely designed and inspired by the intrinsic Tangle shape, pattern, and movement.

official tangle nightball design patented led technology

Ultra Bright Patented LED Technology

Two specialized LEDs illuminate the NightBall from within to create a light-up soccer ball experience that outshines the competition.

tangle nightball led motion lightup sports balls outdoor LED

Motion Activated Illumination

NightBall is activated by simply setting the ball in motion. Tap, dribble, pass, kick, score - the NightBall Soccer stays lit for 30 seconds before automatically shutting off after inactivity.

tangle nightball basketball durable led sports balls outdoor lightup glow battery

Long-Lasting & Durable

Tangle NightBall products are backed by nearly 40 years of industry experience. Tangle sources only the best designers, materials, and factories to create long-lasting top quality products that stand the test of time.

tangle nightball battery led lightup glow sports balls replaceable

Batteries Included & Easily Replaceable

Six tiny button cell batteries provide enough power to illuminate the NightBall for over 50 hours. The smart LED module design makes changing them as easy as a low shot past the goalkeeper.

tangle nightball green soccer lightup led sports ball soccer pitch patented glow sports balls

Hexagons & Pentagons Pattern

Traditional shapes on the NightBall Soccer ball increase the surface area of the ball and the amount of friction acting on it. Ideal for accurate passing, consistent dribbling, and scoring #GOALS.

tangle nightball basketball light up water resistant sports led glow balls battery


Each NightBall is designed smart, built tough, and can resist the penetration of water to a certain degree.

tangle nightball inflatable soccer ball pump led glow lightup sports balls futbol football

Inflatable to Official Size & Weight

Similar to regulation soccer balls, the NightBall can be inflated through a standard air valve located inside the ball, that opens and closes, allowing air to enter and stay inside.

tangle nightball soccer light up sports glow LED technology outdoor battery performance

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