Color Shift Puzzle Ball

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  • This problem-solving ball is a hands-on game that can improve basic problem-solving skills.
  • Color Shift Puzzle Ball has 11 balls in different colors to be matched with their corresponding colored rings on the outer shell.
  • The multi-colored ball can be carried anywhere due to its compact form and lightweight.
  • The ball is easy to hold and grip, in the hands of children, educators and parents. Durable construction means the ball can withstand the slips and falls

Color Shift Puzzle Balls like these have been encouraged in many early learning classrooms as a part of developing a kid’s thinking abilities. This color matching game is often used to improve the hand movement and hand-eye coordination along with overall observation skills. This color matching ball can be a great gifting idea for any family with young children—easy to pack and gift at parties or birthdays This multi-color fidget ball is a good toy for boosting healthier relationships between educators/parents/guardians/older children and kids, as anyone can play with the rainbow color-changing ball.
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