Space Station With Astronaut

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  • 1 space Station.
  • 1 Astronaut figurine.
  • 1 space hover.
  • 1 backpack.
  • 1 tether.
  • Two 1.5V Alkaline AA batteries included.
  • Fully functioning space station with lights & sounds.
  • Doors open to reveal station compartments with flip-down doors.
This plastic NASA space station is a part of the space adventure Series and is approximately 9.5 L x 5 W. The space station is fully functional with lights and sounds. Two compartments swivel open to review two interior control rooms. Astronaut figurine can be placed on the space hover and inside The space shuttle. The backpack and tether can be attached to the Figurine and can be stored in and on the space shuttle when not in use. Two 1.5V AA alkaline batteries are included. Recommended for children ages 3+.

Did You Know?


  • Did you know that people can live in space for months or even years at a time? A space station is home for astronauts when they need to stay in space for a long time to complete their mission.
  • The international space station. or ISS, is as big as a soccer field and has a large crane arm on the outside that astronauts can operate from inside the station.
  • Most of the ISS was built by astronauts - while they were in space.
  • The ISS has 2 bathrooms, some gym equipment and has as much room as a six bedroom house.
  • It's very important for astronauts to get exercise when they are in space to keep their bones and muscles strong.
  • People from more then 15 countries have visited the ISS.

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open and close

Two Control Rooms

A space station is not complete without control rooms. This space station has two control rooms that allow you to place your astronauts in.



A tether can be placed on top of the station and you can attach an astronaut carrying a backpack! The tether can be easily stored in the back of the shuttle. The top of the station is also compatible with the Space Adventure Capsule. *Capsule sold separatly



The second control room allows placement of the hovercraft. The hovercraft can fit one astronaut.


Swivel Action

Control rooms swivel and doors/stairs flip down. Lots of functionality for customized looks and play.

space shuttle

Daron Space Adventure Series

Our Space Adventure Series are made to be played, touched and enjoyed. This toy makes for a great gift for your children or loved ones. They will enjoy hours of playtime! Collect all of our products to from this series to complete your own Space Adventure

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