Sling & Catch Game

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  • CATCH GAME Whippet ball toss game throws and catches at a whole new level. Scoop game ball at almost any angle with ball catcher. Then whip it in one continuous motion to throw
  • SCOOP BALL – Whippet catches the ball from the air like a baseball glove, but with a snap
  • THROWING GAME – Once you catch a ball in toy lacrosse net, sling ball over 30 feet with Jai alai thrower track
  • CATCH FOR KIDS – A fun way to teach kids to play catch. This toy catching game develops hand-eye coordination!
  • CATCH SET – This scoop ball set comes with 2 catch paddles with track ball launchers and a foam toss ball
Diggin’s whippet takes classic throw and catch to a whole new performance level! Combines the reach of a lacrosse toy stick with the sure catch of a baseball Glove and a Jai alai game's long throw. Snap the paddle shut to catch the ball at any angle. Sling It back once the ball drops into the track. Throw catch-catchh with a mitt and throw with a sling! Take whippet anywhere! An active family game that is fun for kids and adults. For boys and girls ages 6+.
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